A page of stuff

A simple* man with a wonderful wife, 2 daughters. Once alpha male to Loki cat, Mollie cat’s food provider, Ruby dog’s poop scooper. Asks silly questions.

UK European

INTJ (hid well.)

I’m @bazbt3 on the 10Centuries and pnut.io social networks, and on Twitter.

Links below may fail dependent on ISP connection. Considering directly linking instead of redirecting.


  • Though I’m running two in parallel, my real blog is at blog.bt3.com.(Don’t worry about the redirect to 10Centuries.org, that’s the actual hosting service’s URL.)
  • I have a Github.com profile with a few repositories of my own creation.
  • My MediaWiki test site – bt3.com, a domain I’ve owned since 1997!


After App.net (ADN):

  • A collection of links. – Disparate, eclectic, but with a semblance of structure. (Redirects to Pinboard.in.)

*I do like footnotes.